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Le Cirque Esprit

The Art Of Unfolding

Le Cirque Esprit launches the work of contemporary mavericks cordis into a dynamic production that fuses their unique sonic craft with the breathtaking presence of contemporary cirque. Brooklyn’s veteran cirque company, ABCirque, provide the perfect canopy of spectacle and thrill to compliment the signature sound of cordis.

Musical purists will revel in the virtuosity, as expression consumes both ground and air. Savor for yourself the art of unfolding in Le Cirque Esprit.


Coming in 2018

Nutcracker D’Cirque casts a thrilling new light!on E.T.A. Hoffman’s classic holiday tale, The Nutcracker. Masters of the unexpected, cordis, provide a brilliant live re-imagination of Tchaikovsky’s classic score, as dramatic cirque characters bring the timeless story to life. A fantastic cast of dancers, acrobatics, and aerialists assume the roles of the traditional ballet. Nutcracker D’Cirque fuses a perfect balance of holiday magic with cutting-edge theatrics to engage audiences of all ages.

A festive atmosphere fills the stage as guests arrive to celebrate Christmas Eve with Clara and her family.  The bizarre partygoers dance, exchange gifts and admire the spectacular Christmas tree.  In a dramatic entrance, Clara’s Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives with his entourage and entertains all with his eccentric acrobatics.  He presents gifts to the children, saving the most exquisite for his favorite niece, offering her a magnificent Nutcracker doll.

The party winds down and Clara must leave her beloved Nutcracker doll under the tree as she is sent to bed.  Once everyone else is asleep, Clara tiptoes back to the tree to rescue the Nutcracker doll.  She falls asleep and has an incredible dream.

Strange things begin to happen as the Christmas tree grows to fantastic proportions.  Toy soldiers come to life and battle with the army of mice that has invaded Clara’s home.  Uncle Drosselmeyer appears and slays the King of Mice.  He then transforms Clara’s Nutcracker doll into a handsome prince.

Clara and the Nutcracker Prince travel through the Land of Snow, an enchanted wonderland where they are welcomed by a flurry of dancing snowflakes.  The journey continues into the Kingdom of Sweets where Clara and the Prince are entertained by various treats from around the world.

A Cirque-tacular Twist on a Christmas Classic

A Spanish hand-balancer, Arabian trapeze artists, a Chinese juggler, a Russian aerialist, and Mother Ginger with her brood all present various awe inspiring performances to Clara and the Prince. Finally, Uncle Drosselmeyer returns to take Clara home, but she’s not ready to leave.  He allows her one dance with her Prince before all the treats from the Kingdom of Sweets gather to bid her farewell.

Clara awakens from her delicious dream and finds herself once again under the Christmas tree with her much adored Nutcracker doll.

The Performers


CORDIS has been fusing an original combination of custom-made and traditional, ethnic instruments to create their signature sound since 2007. Nearly a decade later, this sparkling distortion of progressive chamber music is defined by the talents of electric cimbalomist (and founder/composer) Richard Grimes, multi-percussionist Andrew Beall, electro-acoustic cellist Jeremy Harman and pianist/keyboardist Dan Padgett. The group further crafts their sound by weaving the unlikely timbre of electric mbiras, modified typewriters, pitched wind tubes, 19th- century talking machines and the world’s longest-playing cylinder-driven music box into the mix.

The Boston-based group borders on a gritty rock/punk aesthetic, but because the members were classically trained and steeped in chamber music, the resulting sound is not postured on loud and fast, but rather more developed and cerebral. Time Out New York said “(cordis) makes a strong case for both sides of its musical personality — expanding the boundaries of chamber music.” NewMusicBox.com concurs saying, “cordis offers an intriguing mix of instrumentation, and Grimes uses them well to show off his unique perspective on 21st Century chamber music.”

With recent appearances on National Public Radio (NPR), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and Public Radio International (PRI), both fans and critics alike have received the band’s music with marked enthusiasm.

In conjunction with their live performances, cordis is committed to offering hands-on educational events that connect participants to music through guided interaction. Over the course of a given tour, the group offers a broad array of educational experiences to a broad array of participants —musicians and non-musicians alike. Ultimately, these events not only engage participants in the appreciation and understanding of music, they also offer them a hands-on opportunity to partake in the actual creation of music.

Visit The cordis site

ABCirque is the latest addition to the thriving arts scene in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2011 under the Artistic Direction of Angela Buccinni, the Company fosters growth and development amongst the cirque arts for the national/international circus-based community. This is achieved through the collaboration and integration of the various circus elements including arial, acrobatic, gymnastic, contortion, stilts, silk work, ladder work, and more.

In addition to the Company’s active global performance schedule, ABCirque maintains it’s artistic vitality in the circus community through it’s ongoing commitment to provide artists a place to produce new work and a team of seasoned professionals to nurture this creativity along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. All Le Cirque Esprit shows are family friendly.

Yes, There are stage requirements, as there are with most cirque acts. However they are not as stringent as you might think. Please contact us and we will send you a copy of our technical rider.

Le Cirque Esprit brings a cirque cast of 8 performers and 1 rigger. The Company brings much of their own gear – but it’s easiest to refer to the production tech rider for specifics. The show includes arial work, acrobatic work, ladders, cyr wheels, juggling, and many props, as the images throughout the website suggest. cordis is made up of 6 musicians, and the show travels with a production team of 3

There are tech requirements with regards to stage size and height, but the show is very malleable to almost any venue, and all specialty lighting and effects are included in the artist fee. The show’s tech rider address this in more detail. If you do not have a tech rider for the show, just request one on the contact form below.


Concact Us. We look forward to hearing from you